1. lord
  2. master

Synonyms for domno

  • dominuslord, master
  • eruslord, master, owner
  • magistercanon, instructor, master, master of a school, professor, schoolmaster, teacher
  • rectordirector, guider, leader, master, ruler
  • seniorelder, lord
  • viciconquer, excel, master, overcome, surpass, win
  • victumbe alive, conquer, excel, master, overcome, surpass, to live, win
  • vincoconquer, excel, master, overcome, overmatch, surpass, to vanquish, win

Similar to domno

  • domnalady, mistress
  • cenoto dine
  • cernodecide, determine, distinguish, resolve, sift, to perceive, to separate
  • damnocondemn, damn, to condemn
  • donoto give
  • frenocurb, hold back, restrain
  • gignobear, beget, father, to bring forth
  • lenogo, procurer
  • linobefoul, dirty, to smear
  • manoto flow