1. to separate

Synonyms for discrimino

  • abscidotake away, to cut off, to separate
  • cernodecide, determine, distinguish, resolve, sift, to perceive, to separate
  • didididistribute, divide, to separate
  • didodistribute, divide, to separate
  • didtumdistribute, divide, to separate
  • diripiodevastate, lay waste, pillage, plunder, tear apart, tear to pieces, to plunder, to separate, to snatch away, to tear in pieces
  • secernoto separate
  • secretumprivate, retired, secret, secret conversation, solitary, to separate
  • secrevito separate

Similar to discrimino

  • disseminoto spread abroad
  • discrimendifference, hazard
  • disponodispose, draw up, put in order, to arrange, to describe
  • criminosereproachfully
  • criminosusreproachful, slanderous
  • dispossessing wealth or worth, rich
  • discedodeviate, leave, to depart from, to go away
  • discerpobreak up, disjoint, divide, sever, to dismember, to mangle
  • discessiodirection, management, ordering
  • discidiumdisagreement, division, separation, tearing apart