1. deviate
  2. digress
  3. to depart

Synonyms for digredior

  • aberrodeviate, escape, to wander
  • declinoavoid, deflect, deviate, digress, swerve, to turn aside, to turn away, turn away
  • digredideviate, digress, to depart
  • digressusdeparture, deviate, digress, digression, separation, to depart
  • discedodeviate, leave, to depart from, to go away
  • intransitiveto depart
  • proficiscorarise, depart, march, set out, to arise, to depart, to start forward, to travel

Similar to digredior

  • digredideviate, digress, to depart
  • aggredioraddress, approach, attack, begin, to go to
  • congrediorto accost
  • egrediordepart, exit, leave, to come out, to go out
  • ingrediorbegin on, enter, go in, to begin to, to enter upon, to step in, walk
  • progrediorce, go out, proceed, to go forth, to march forward
  • regrediorretreat, return, to march back
  • transgrediorto pass beyond
  • diabolidevils
  • diabolusdevil, Satan