1. difficult
  2. hard
  3. troublesome

Synonyms for difficilis

  • arduusdifficult, proudly elevated
  • durusenduring, hard, harsh, rough, rude, strong, tough, uncouth
  • edurushard
  • ferreuscruel, hard, made of iron, unbending, unfeeliing
  • importunusinconsiderate, troublesome, unfavorable, unsuitable
  • incommodusdisagreeable, inconvenient, irksome, troublesome, unpleasant
  • industriusassiduous, diligent, hard, industrious
  • molestusannoying, disagreeable, troublesome

Similar to difficilis

  • difficultasdifficulty, distress, need, trouble
  • diffidensdistrusting, without self
  • diffidentiadisobedience
  • diffidodespair, distrust, to be distrustful
  • diffinioto terminate
  • diffamamade known, spread around
  • diffamoto proclaim
  • differobe different, defer, delay, disturb, harrass, postpone, spread news, to delay, to differ, to hesitate, to spread about, to spread news
  • differtuscrammed, jammed, stuffed full
  • diffundopour forth, scatter, to spread