1. lazy
  2. unmotivated

Synonyms for desidiosus

  • ignavusa coward, inert, lazy, listless, sluggish cowardly
  • pigerdull, lazy, slow
  • pigradull, lazy, slow
  • pigrumdull, lazy, slow

Similar to desidiosus

  • desideratuswelcome
  • desideriumgrief, longing, need, regret, want, wish
  • desideroto long for, to miss, wish for greatly
  • desinocease, desist, end, give over, leave off, stop, to leave off, to to stop
  • desipiomake an ass of one's self, play the fool, to act foolishly
  • decessusdeath, departure, retirement, withdrawal
  • decursusa running down, attack, charge, completion of a course, downward course, manoeuver
  • defessustired, weary
  • demissusmeek
  • deprehensusaback