1. cut off
  2. estimate
  3. prune
  4. to count

Synonyms for deputo

  • censeoargue, assess, censui, censum, estimate, evaluate, suggest
  • enumerocount up, enumerate, to count
  • pensoconsider, estimate, pay, ponder, purchase, to weigh out

Similar to deputo

  • deputaribe condemned to, to be classed among
  • decertofight to the finish, to contend
  • decurtoto mutilate
  • degustoto taste
  • delectodelight, take delight in, to attract, to delight in, to love
  • demittolet fall, lower, set dowwn, to let down
  • deportofetch, to carry, to carry off, to take away
  • desistoto desist from
  • devastoravage, to lay waste
  • devitoto avoid