1. blemish
  2. crime
  3. disgrace
  4. dishonor
  5. dishonorable act
  6. shame

Synonyms for dedecus

  • confusioa combining, blemish, confounding, confusion, disorder, mingling, mixture
  • facinaaction, bad deed, crime, deed, villainy
  • ignominiadishonor
  • infamodisgrace, to put to shame
  • inhonestodishonor, to disgrace
  • labesblemish, disgrace, fall, infamy, misfortune, stain
  • labisblemish, disgrace, infamy, misfortune, stain
  • maculablemish, fault, flaw, mark, spot, stain
  • maculoblemish, defile, pollute, to stain
  • malumcrime, damage, evil, injury, misdeed, misfortune

Similar to dedecus

  • decusdignity, honor, ornament
  • dedecordisgraceful, dishonorable, shameful, unseemly
  • dealboto purify, whitewash
  • debelloconquer, end a war, fight out, finish a war, to vanquish, vanquish
  • debeoto be bound by, to be morally bound to, to owe
  • debilitoennervate, exhaust, sap, to weaken
  • debitumdebt
  • debrioto intoxicate
  • decemten
  • decensbecoming, fittingly, graceful, properly, suitably