1. beauty
  2. grace

Phrases with the word decor

Synonyms for decor

  • formaappearance, beauty, forma, model, shape
  • formositasbeauty
  • gratiaesteem, favor, for the sake of, grace, gratitude, in order to, obligation, thanks, to
  • laetitiadelight, fertility, gladness, grace, joy, richness
  • leticiadelight, fertility, grace, joy, richness
  • letitiadelight, fertility, grace, joy, richness
  • pulchritudobeauty, fineness
  • veniafavor, forgiveness, grace, indulgence, pardon
  • venustasattractiveness, beauty, charm, loveliness

Similar to decor

  • dedecordisgraceful, dishonorable, shameful, unseemly
  • depascorto feed upon
  • deprecorbeg for, curse, intercede, to beg by entreaty, to deprecate, to entreat for, to excuse oneself
  • defetiscorto grow tired, weary
  • dealboto purify, whitewash
  • debelloconquer, end a war, fight out, finish a war, to vanquish, vanquish
  • debeoto be bound by, to be morally bound to, to owe
  • debilitoennervate, exhaust, sap, to weaken
  • debitumdebt
  • debrioto intoxicate