1. a contest
  2. contention

Synonyms for decertatio

  • certamencombat, conflict, contention, contest, engagement, rivalry of any kind
  • jurgiumbrawl, contention, strife, to cause strife
  • litisbattle, contention, dispute, fight, fracas

Similar to decertatio

  • delectatiodelight, enjoyment, pleasure
  • certatiocontest
  • deceptiodeception
  • denuntioannounce, declare, pronounce, to announce officially
  • devotiopiety
  • decernerecontend
  • decernitcontends
  • decernodetermine, resolve on, settle, to decide, to decide to do something, to judge
  • decerpotake away, to gather, to pluck off
  • decertofight to the finish, to contend