1. administration
  2. care
  3. charge
  4. concern
  5. management

Phrases with the word cura

Synonyms for cura

  • administratioadministration, giving of help, government
  • bellicuma signal to march, attack, ce, charge
  • cautiocare, caution, foresight
  • ciminatioaccusation, calumny, charge
  • concursusassembly, charge, meeting
  • crimenan accusation, cause of a crime, charge, crim, fault, guilt
  • criminatioaccusation, calumny, charge
  • decursusa running down, attack, charge, completion of a course, downward course, manoeuver
  • discessiodirection, management, ordering
  • mandatumcharge, command, commission, decree, entrust, instruction, mandate, message, order

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