1. desire
  2. longing
  3. passion
  4. wantining
  5. yearning

Synonyms for cupido

  • amoraffection, infatuation, love, passion
  • captocatch at, desire, grab at, seek, strive after, to grab, to seize, try to get
  • cupiodesire, long for, to, to desire, wish
  • desideriumgrief, longing, need, regret, want, wish
  • esuriodesire, long for, to be hungry, to hunger, yearn
  • expetodesire, make for, require, strive after, to demand, to fall upon, to seek after
  • impetusassault, attack, force, impulse, onset, passion, rapid motion, rush, sudden passion, vehemence
  • inhiocovet, desire, to desire, to gape, want, yearn for
  • orexisappetite, desire
  • perturbatioabashment, passion

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