1. hold up
  2. impede
  3. to delay

Synonyms for cunctor

  • differobe different, defer, delay, disturb, harrass, postpone, spread news, to delay, to differ, to hesitate, to spread about, to spread news

Similar to cunctor

  • cunctatordelayer, procrastinator
  • cunctatiodelay
  • cunctusall, all collectively, the whole
  • percunctorinquire, interrogate, investigate, to interrogate
  • altorate, educator, foster, patron, protector
  • auctorauthor, originator
  • carptorone who carves food
  • castorbeaver
  • cautorguarantor, one who goes bond, one who is on his guard, suretor
  • cultorcultivator, inhabitant, planter, with = resident, worshipper