1. accuse
  2. censure
  3. to blam

Phrases with the word culpo

Synonyms for culpo

  • arguoaccuse, attempt to show, censure, convict, declare, expose, make clear, prove, reprove, to blame, to show
  • invidiacensure, envy, hatred, jealousy

Similar to culpo

  • culmenpillar, summit
  • culpablame, fault
  • cultellusa little knife
  • culterplough
  • cultorcultivator, inhabitant, planter, with = resident, worshipper
  • cultriplough
  • cultumcherish, cultivate
  • culturacultivation
  • cultusreverence, splendor, worship
  • carpograb, hold on to, lay hold of, seize, to pluck