1. cruel

Synonyms for crudelis

  • atroxcruel, harsh, horrible, terrible
  • ferreuscruel, hard, made of iron, unbending, unfeeliing
  • inhumanusbarbarous, cruel, inhuman, savage, uncivil, uncivilized

Similar to crudelis

  • crudelitascruelty, inhumanity
  • crudelitercruelly, in a cruel manner
  • cruciamentumtorment, torture
  • cruciatustorment, torture
  • crucioto be afflicted, to torture, torment
  • cruciscross
  • crudescobecome hard, to become violent
  • cruditasan overly full stomach
  • crudusbleeding, fresh, green, harsh, immature, raw, uncooked, undigested, unprepared food, unripe, untimely
  • cruentostain with blood, to make bloody