1. complete
  2. make perfect
  3. sum up
  4. to add together

Synonyms for consummo

  • compleobring up to strength, complete, fulfil, man, to fill up, to finish
  • exigocomplete, decide, demand, determine, drive out, exact, finish, force out, sell, settle, to exact
  • expleocomplete, discharge, fill up, finish, fulfil, to fill, to fulfill, to make losses good
  • expletumcomplete, fill up, finish, to fill
  • explevicomplete, fill up, finish, to fill
  • integerchaste, complete, entire, irreproachable, undamaged, unhurt, untouched, whole
  • peractoaccomplish, complete, to carry through
  • perfectuscomplete, done, finished, perfect, without flaw
  • perficioaccomplish, achieve, bring, complete, effect, perfect, to accomplish, to do thoroughly
  • plenuscomplete, filled, full, laden, mature, plump, rich, satisfied

Similar to consummo

  • consummatioadding up, completion, summing up
  • conclamoto bewail as lost
  • concremoburn up, to consume
  • confirmoto confirm
  • consumodestroy, employ, finish, to devour, to spend, use up, waste away
  • contremoshake, to tremble
  • concatenobind together, to link together
  • concavoto hollow out
  • concedoallow, give up, grant, to concede, withdraw, yield
  • conceptacapacity, measures