1. consult
  2. ponder
  3. to ask the e of
  4. to consider carefully
  5. to consult
  6. weigh

Synonyms for consulto

  • cogitoconsider, plan, ponder, ruminate, to think
  • consulocome to a conclusion, consider, ponder, reflect, to look to the interests of, to reflect, to take counsel
  • examinareweigh
  • libroponder, to launch
  • meditatusconsider, ponder, practice, to reflect upon
  • meditorconsider, ponder, practice, to reflect upon
  • pendereweigh
  • pensareweigh
  • pensitareweigh
  • pensoconsider, estimate, pay, ponder, purchase, to weigh out

Similar to consulto

  • consulmagistrate
  • consultumdecree
  • concitoarouse, excite, stir up, to move violently
  • confortosoothe, to strengthen much
  • confutocheck, convict, halt, keep silent, repress, restrain, silence, stop, supress, to check, to confute, turn back
  • connectobind, to join
  • consistobe posted, stand still, stop, to take one's stand
  • contrectofeel, handle, to touch
  • contristoafflict, damage, to make sad or gloomy, to sadden
  • convertocause to turn, to adopt the monastic life, to convert, to transform, to turn around