1. custom
  2. familiar acquaintance
  3. habit
  4. intimacy
  5. usage

Phrases with the word consuetudo

Synonyms for consuetudo

  • adsuetudocustom, habit
  • familiaritasconfidential friendship, intimacy
  • habitusdisposed, dress, habit, in a certain condition
  • institutiocustom, institution, tradition
  • moscustom, customs, inclination, manners habit, moris, rule, usage, will, wont
  • propinquitascloseness, contiguity, intimacy, nearness
  • ritusceremony, rite, ritual, usage

Similar to consuetudo

  • consuefacioacclimate, become used to, to accustom
  • consuetacustomary, usual
  • consuasorcounselor, or
  • consuescohabituate, inure, to accustom
  • consulatiodeliberation, full consideration, inquiry
  • consulocome to a conclusion, consider, ponder, reflect, to look to the interests of, to reflect, to take counsel
  • consumodestroy, employ, finish, to devour, to spend, use up, waste away
  • consuostitch, to sew together
  • consutumstitch, to sew together
  • condobuild, erect, establish, place, to store