1. chop up
  2. cut into pieces
  3. to dismember

Synonyms for conseco

  • discerpobreak up, disjoint, divide, sever, to dismember, to mangle

Similar to conseco

  • consenescofeeble, infirm, to grow old, weak
  • consecroconsecrate, deify, sanctify, to curse, to dedicate
  • consepioto hedge in
  • consequensaccording to reason
  • consequentiaconsequential, relating
  • concrescogrow strong, to take form
  • conculcodespise, oppress, suppress, to abuse, to tread under foot, tread down, tread under foot
  • condecoto meet
  • condicofix, make arrangements, settle, to agree
  • conducoamong many other meanings, employ for wages, hire, lead forth, to conduct