1. conspiracy
  2. plot

Synonyms for coniuratio

  • coniuroconspire, plot, to take an oath together
  • consensioagreement, conspiracy, cooperation, harmony, plot
  • consentioconsent, conspire, plot, to agree

Similar to coniuratio

  • coniuratusconspirator, plotter
  • coniuroconspire, plot, to take an oath together
  • conicioconjecture, put together, throw, to hurl
  • coniectoconclude, guess, infer, to throw together
  • conitorto press upon, to struggle to reach
  • ratioaccount, consideration, judgment, manner, method, procedure, reason, reckoning, system, theory
  • cogitatiomeditation, thorough consideration
  • coadunatioa gathering together, a summing up, a uniting
  • cohaereocorrespond to, to cling to
  • cohibeoconfine, hold back, repress, restrain