1. to press upon
  2. to struggle to reach

Similar to conitor

  • conicioconjecture, put together, throw, to hurl
  • coniectoconclude, guess, infer, to throw together
  • coniuratioconspiracy, plot
  • coniuratusconspirator, plotter
  • coniuroconspire, plot, to take an oath together
  • cohortorexhort, incite, to encourage
  • coutorhave dealings with, to associate with
  • nitorbrightness, brillance, brilliance, depend upon, elegance, exert oneself, glow, lean, make an effort, persevere, splendor, support oneself, to endeavor, to rest, to strive, trust in
  • coacervoto collect in a mass
  • coactocoerce, compel, to force