1. check
  2. convict
  3. halt
  4. keep silent
  5. repress
  6. restrain
  7. silence
  8. stop
  9. supress
  10. to check
  11. to confute
  12. turn back

Synonyms for confuto

  • arguoaccuse, attempt to show, censure, convict, declare, expose, make clear, prove, reprove, to blame, to show
  • avertoavert, avoid, to turn away, turn back
  • castigochasten, chastise, check, punish, reprove, restrain
  • claudeobe lame, halt, to hobble, to limp
  • coerceoconfine, enclose, regulate, restrain, surround
  • cohibeoconfine, hold back, repress, restrain
  • compescorcheck, curb, hold in check, repress, restrain, to fasten together, to suppress
  • consistobe posted, stand still, stop, to take one's stand
  • constoendure, stand firm, stop, to be established
  • constrictumconfine, restrain, to bind

Similar to confuto

  • confugiohave recourse to, to take refuge in
  • confugohave recourse to, take refuge, to flee
  • confusimfumbling, in a confused way
  • confusioa combining, blemish, confounding, confusion, disorder, mingling, mixture
  • confususconfounded, confused, disorderly, embarassed, troubled
  • concitoarouse, excite, stir up, to move violently
  • confortosoothe, to strengthen much
  • connectobind, to join
  • consistobe posted, stand still, stop, to take one's stand
  • consultoconsult, ponder, to ask the e of, to consider carefully, to consult, weigh