1. a combining
  2. blemish
  3. confounding
  4. confusion
  5. disorder
  6. mingling
  7. mixture

Phrases with the word confusio

Synonyms for confusio

  • confundoblend, confound, confounding, confuse, destroy, mix, to bring into disorder, to pour together, trouble
  • dedecusblemish, crime, disgrace, dishonor, dishonorable act, shame
  • farragomash, medley, mishmash, mixed fodder for cattle, mixture
  • incompositusdisorder, lack of regularity
  • labesblemish, disgrace, fall, infamy, misfortune, stain
  • labisblemish, disgrace, infamy, misfortune, stain
  • maculablemish, fault, flaw, mark, spot, stain
  • maculoblemish, defile, pollute, to stain
  • mendablemish, error, fault, mistake
  • mendumblemish, error, fault, mistake

Similar to confusio

  • confugiohave recourse to, to take refuge in
  • concussioextortion, oppression
  • congressiocoming together, hostile attack, meeting
  • consensioagreement, conspiracy, cooperation, harmony, plot
  • confugohave recourse to, take refuge, to flee
  • confusimfumbling, in a confused way
  • confususconfounded, confused, disorderly, embarassed, troubled
  • confutocheck, convict, halt, keep silent, repress, restrain, silence, stop, supress, to check, to confute, turn back
  • concioto stir up
  • congruoagree, coincide, conform