1. contest
  2. impulse

Synonyms for conflictus

  • certamencombat, conflict, contention, contest, engagement, rivalry of any kind
  • certatiocontest
  • conatuseffort, exertion, impulse, inclination, undertaking
  • contenderecontend, contest
  • contentiocontest, controversy, straining
  • impetusassault, attack, force, impulse, onset, passion, rapid motion, rush, sudden passion, vehemence
  • pulsusbeating, blow, impulse, influence, push

Similar to conflictus

  • confragacracks
  • afflictuscast down, distressed, prostrate, ruined, weakened
  • relictusbeen bequeathed, forlorn, left behind, someone having inherited
  • actusmoving through
  • aestuspassionate fire
  • altusancient, deep, great, high, matured, noble, old, secret
  • aptusappropriate, connected, fastened, fitted, fitted out, fitting, prepared, qualified, suitable
  • artuslimbs
  • astuscunning
  • auctusenlargement, growth, increase