1. acknowledge
  2. admit
  3. own up
  4. to confess

Synonyms for confessus

  • agnoscoacknowledge, admit, perceive, recognize, report, to know again, to recognize, understand
  • asciscoadmit, adopt, approve, take up, to receive
  • confiteoracknowledge, admit, own up, to confess
  • fateoradmit, allow, make known, reveal, to confess
  • profiteorconfess, offer, profess, promise, to acknowledge, to confess, to declare oneself, to declare publicly, to make a public statement, to take a monastic oath

Similar to confessus

  • confestimimmediately, rapidly, speedily, without delay
  • concisusbrief, broken, concise, cut up
  • concursusassembly, charge, meeting
  • confususconfounded, confused, disorderly, embarassed, troubled
  • congressusa meeting, assembly, association, congress, encounter, meeting
  • consensussympathy
  • convulsusshattered
  • fessuswearied
  • concatenobind together, to link together
  • concavoto hollow out