1. betake oneself
  2. collect
  3. confer
  4. debate
  5. devote
  6. discuss
  7. put together
  8. to bring together

Phrases with the word confero

Synonyms for confero

  • coactumcoercion, compulsion, draw, drive, force, to bring together
  • coegidraw, drive, to bring together
  • cogocompel, compress, confine, draw, drive, restrict, to bring together, to compel, to to force
  • compelloaddress, collect, compel, force, speak to, to drive together, to to urge
  • concieoassemble, to bring together
  • conicioconjecture, put together, throw, to hurl
  • construoarrange, build, to bring together, to construct
  • devoveocurse, devote, execrate, sacrifice, to consecrate
  • disputatiodebate, discussion, dispute
  • disputodiscuss

Similar to confero

  • conceroconnect join, join in conflict, twine
  • concurroto concur
  • congerocompile, to collect
  • conjuroconspire, to unite by an oath
  • conteroto crush
  • consideroinspect, regard carefully, to contemplate, to look at
  • concatenobind together, to link together
  • concavoto hollow out
  • concedoallow, give up, grant, to concede, withdraw, yield
  • conceptacapacity, measures