1. conceive
  2. receive
  3. take in
  4. to take or lay hold of

Synonyms for concipio

  • accipioaccept, cepi, ceptum, learn, receive, take, to consider oneself indebted, to receive
  • admittoreceive, to admit
  • fictumconceive, contrive, to touch
  • fingoconceive, contrive, to touch
  • finxiconceive, contrive, to touch
  • imbiboconceive, drink in, imbibe, think up
  • susciperereceive, sponsorship at baptism, take up, to undergo
  • suscipioaccept, begin, maintain, raise, receive, support, take up, to raise up, undertake

Similar to concipio

  • concioto stir up
  • concieoassemble, to bring together
  • conciliobring togethe, bring together, cause, procure the favor, reconcile, to assemble, to make friendly, unite, win over
  • consepioto hedge in
  • concidocut down, cut up, destroy, fail, perish, sink, subside, to be ruined, to fall down
  • conciliatormediator
  • conciliumconciliation, council
  • concinocelebrate, to sing together
  • concisusbrief, broken, concise, cut up
  • concitequickly