1. to stir up

Synonyms for concio

  • exagitoto stir up
  • sollicitoarouse, incite, to concern oneself about the future or about others, to stir up
  • suscitoarouse, excite, to stir up

Similar to concio

  • concieoassemble, to bring together
  • conciliobring togethe, bring together, cause, procure the favor, reconcile, to assemble, to make friendly, unite, win over
  • concipioconceive, receive, take in, to take or lay hold of
  • contriciocontrition, crushing
  • concidocut down, cut up, destroy, fail, perish, sink, subside, to be ruined, to fall down
  • conciliatormediator
  • conciliumconciliation, council
  • concinocelebrate, to sing together
  • concisusbrief, broken, concise, cut up
  • concitequickly