1. hinder
  2. keep to oneself
  3. to hold back

Synonyms for comprimo

  • contineoaffect, befall, border on, confine, connect, contain, grasp, hold together, include, infect, join, keep together, reach, restrain, surround, to contian, to hold, to hold back, to keep in, to keep togethere, to touch
  • impedioensnare, entangle, hinder, hold fast, obstruct, prevent, surround, to entangle
  • impedoensnare, hinder, obstruct, prevent, to entangle
  • praevenioanticipate, hinder, prevent, to come before, to forestall, to get the start of
  • prohibeoforbid, hinder, prohibit, restrain, to hold back, to prevent, withhold
  • retineoaffirm, detain, keep, maintain, not let go, restrain, to hold back, to remember

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