1. apprehend
  2. arrest
  3. catch red
  4. comprehend
  5. include
  6. seize
  7. take firmly
  8. take prisoner
  9. take together
  10. to embrace
  11. to grasp
  12. to seize
  13. to to gather together
  14. unite

Synonyms for comprehendo

  • amplectorsurround, to embrace
  • capioarrest, attack, choose, comprehend, hire, injure, seize, to rent, to take
  • captocatch at, desire, grab at, seek, strive after, to grab, to seize, try to get
  • carpeseize
  • carpograb, hold on to, lay hold of, seize, to pluck
  • conciliobring togethe, bring together, cause, procure the favor, reconcile, to assemble, to make friendly, unite, win over
  • concordoto harmonize, unite
  • contineoaffect, befall, border on, confine, connect, contain, grasp, hold together, include, infect, join, keep together, reach, restrain, surround, to contian, to hold, to hold back, to keep in, to keep togethere, to touch
  • contrahoassemble, constrict, contract, draw up, to conclude, to gather together, to reduce, unite
  • corripioattack, snatch up, steal, to seize

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