1. agreement
  2. arrangement
  3. composition
  4. pact

Synonyms for compositio

  • competentiaagreement
  • concordiaagreement, concord, harmony
  • consensioagreement, conspiracy, cooperation, harmony, plot
  • foederisagreement, compact, covenant, law
  • foedusagreement, alliance, compact, covenant, law
  • legisagreement, covenant, law, statute
  • lexagreement, covenant, law, statute
  • paciscorcovenant, deal, pact, to barter, to make a bargain or agreement, to make an agreement
  • pactumagreement, contract, covenant, pact, treaty
  • placitumaccord, agreement, assembly for judgment, case, conference, defense, judgment, litigation, meeting, negotiation, pact, plea

Similar to compositio

  • compositusmade up of pieces, matching, orderly
  • commotioagitation
  • componocompose, settle, to adjust, to put together
  • compotuscalculation, reckoning
  • sitioto be thirsty
  • commentatiomeditation
  • propositioproposal, proposition
  • commeoback and forth, in and out, To go up and down
  • compleobring up to strength, complete, fulfil, man, to fill up, to finish
  • comminuodamage, to scatter, weaken