1. bring up to strength
  2. complete
  3. fulfil
  4. man
  5. to fill up
  6. to finish

Synonyms for compleo

  • consummocomplete, make perfect, sum up, to add together
  • exigocomplete, decide, demand, determine, drive out, exact, finish, force out, sell, settle, to exact
  • expleocomplete, discharge, fill up, finish, fulfil, to fill, to fulfill, to make losses good
  • expletumcomplete, fill up, finish, to fill
  • explevicomplete, fill up, finish, to fill
  • facticiusartificial, man
  • farcistuff, to fill up
  • fartumstuff, to fill up
  • hominishuman being, man
  • homohuman being, man

Similar to compleo

  • complexoembrace, encompass
  • commeoback and forth, in and out, To go up and down
  • comminuodamage, to scatter, weaken
  • commisceojoin, mix, to intermingle
  • commissioaction, execution, performance, perpetration
  • commoneorecollect, to impress upon one, to remember, to remind, to remind someone forcibly of somthing
  • commotioagitation
  • commoveodisturb, excite, shake, to move violently, upset
  • comperioascertain, find out, find out with certainty, lay open, to disclose fully, to learn
  • complaceoto be very pleasing to