1. ascertain
  2. find out
  3. find out with certainty
  4. lay open
  5. to disclose fully
  6. to learn

Synonyms for comperio

  • discobecome acquainted with, to learn
  • experiorascertain, experience, prove, put to the test, test, to test, to try
  • expiscordiscover, find out, to fish out
  • reperioascertain, devise, discover, find, find again, hit upon, invent, to get again, to meet with

Similar to comperio

  • competentiaagreement
  • competofit, suitable, to be appropriate
  • commeoback and forth, in and out, To go up and down
  • compleobring up to strength, complete, fulfil, man, to fill up, to finish
  • comminuodamage, to scatter, weaken
  • commisceojoin, mix, to intermingle
  • commissioaction, execution, performance, perpetration
  • commoneorecollect, to impress upon one, to remember, to remind, to remind someone forcibly of somthing
  • commotioagitation
  • commoveodisturb, excite, shake, to move violently, upset