1. abide
  2. inhabit
  3. linger
  4. remain
  5. stay
  6. to sojourn

Synonyms for commoror

  • cessocease, delay, linger, to leave off
  • demororbelay, linger, tarry, to loiter
  • habitoabide, dwell, reside, take possession, to dwell, to have frequently
  • maneoabide by, endure, last, stay, stay the night, to remain
  • mansurusabide, that which will endure
  • mororlinger, remain, reside, to stay
  • palusbog, marsh, pale, quagmire, reed, stake, stay, swamp
  • patiorabide, be afflicted with, endure, permit, to suffer
  • possideoabide, hold
  • remaneocontinue, stay, to remain behind

Similar to commoror

  • commodoadapt, oblige, please, serve, to make fit
  • commodumcomfort, convenience, favorable condition, opportunity, profit, requirements, suitable time, tage, use
  • commoduscommodious, fit, proper, useful, welcome
  • commoneorecollect, to impress upon one, to remember, to remind, to remind someone forcibly of somthing
  • commorantesinhabitants
  • commotioagitation
  • commotusdisordered, moved
  • commoveodisturb, excite, shake, to move violently, upset
  • mororlinger, remain, reside, to stay
  • combibosuck in, to drink up