1. companion in war
  2. comrade

Synonyms for commilito

  • amicuscomrade, friend
  • comescompanion, comrade, count, friend
  • comitiscompanion, comrade, count, friend
  • particepscomrade, partaker, partner, sharer
  • sociusallied, ally, associate, associated, companion, comrade, fellow, partner, sharing

Similar to commilito

  • comminorto threaten
  • comminuodamage, to scatter, weaken
  • comminushand to hand, in close combat
  • committointrust, join, to place
  • competofit, suitable, to be appropriate
  • compromittoor an arbitrator, to agree to refer to arbitration
  • litoto propitiate
  • combibosuck in, to drink up
  • comburoconsume, to burn up, to ruin
  • commemoromention, relate, to keep in mind, to remind