1. cherish
  2. cultivate

Synonyms for colo

  • alocherish, keep, maintain, nourish, support, sustain
  • amobe fond of, cherish, like, to love
  • cavocultivate, dig, excavate, hollow out, pierce
  • coluicherish, cultivate
  • cultumcherish, cultivate
  • excoloadorn, cultivate, polish, refine, serve, to honor, to tend
  • exerceocultivate, exercise, keep at work, practice, to administer, to train

Similar to colo

  • colonusinhabitant, tiller of the soil
  • coloratuscolored, dark
  • coloroto color
  • coacervoto collect in a mass
  • coactocoerce, compel, to force
  • coactuby force, under compulsion
  • coactumcoercion, compulsion, draw, drive, force, to bring together
  • coactusconstrained
  • coadunaticollected
  • coadunatioa gathering together, a summing up, a uniting