1. conference
  2. speech

Synonyms for colloquium

  • affatusaddress, speech
  • lingualanguage, speech, tongue
  • oratioaddress, oration, prayer, speech
  • placitumaccord, agreement, assembly for judgment, case, conference, defense, judgment, litigation, meeting, negotiation, pact, plea
  • sermocommon talk, conversation, discussion, rumor, speech, talk

Similar to colloquium

  • collocoarrange, put, to place, to station
  • proloquiumassertion, utterance
  • collatorcontributor
  • collaudoapprove highly, to praise very much
  • colligoassemble, gather together, lectum, legi, to bind, to collect
  • colluctatiowrestling
  • colluctorwrestle
  • collumneck
  • obsequiumindulgence, obedience, pliancy, submission
  • piumdutiful, godly, holy, honest, patriotic, pious