1. confine
  2. enclose
  3. regulate
  4. restrain
  5. surround

Synonyms for coerceo

  • amplectorsurround, to embrace
  • arceoenclose, to shut up
  • castigochasten, chastise, check, punish, reprove, restrain
  • circumvenioassail, cheat, defraud, surround, to beset, to come around
  • cogocompel, compress, confine, draw, drive, restrict, to bring together, to compel, to to force
  • cohibeoconfine, hold back, repress, restrain
  • compescorcheck, curb, hold in check, repress, restrain, to fasten together, to suppress
  • confutocheck, convict, halt, keep silent, repress, restrain, silence, stop, supress, to check, to confute, turn back
  • constrictumconfine, restrain, to bind
  • constringoconfine, restrain, to bind, to fetter

Similar to coerceo

  • arceoenclose, to shut up
  • doceoteach, to instruct, tutor
  • jaceoto stand
  • liceobe for sale, to be valued at
  • misceoblend, mingle, to mix
  • mulceoto soften up
  • noceodo harm, inflict injury
  • taceoleave unmentioned, pass over, say nothing, to be silent
  • commisceojoin, mix, to intermingle
  • complaceoto be very pleasing to