1. undertaking

Synonyms for coeptum

  • commissumoffence, that which is entrusted, undertaking
  • conatuseffort, exertion, impulse, inclination, undertaking
  • orsabeginning, first few words, start, undertaking
  • orsorumbeginning, first few words, start, undertaking
  • orsusa beginning, initiative, start, to begin, undertaking

Similar to coeptum

  • coeptoto begin, undertake
  • tuma coming, arrival, at that time, in the next place, then, thereupon
  • centum100, one hundred
  • crustumbread, cake
  • cultumcherish, cultivate
  • dictumdictate, word
  • didtumdistribute, divide, to separate
  • doctumteach, to instruct, tutor
  • emptumpurchase, to buy
  • factumaccomplishment, achievement, act, action, deed, work