1. to begin
  2. undertake

Synonyms for coepio

  • adeocome to, so far, so long, such an extent, to approach, to such a point, undertake, visit
  • coeptoto begin, undertake
  • exordiorto begin
  • incoharestart, start upon, to begin, turn to
  • incohostart, start upon, to begin, turn to
  • ineobegin, commence, go in, start, to begin, to enter, undertake
  • ordiorstart, to begin
  • ordiristart, to begin
  • orsusa beginning, initiative, start, to begin, undertaking
  • promittoengage oneself, make a promise, oath, promise, send forth, to let go, to let go forward, to put forth, undertake

Similar to coepio

  • coepibegan, initiated, started, undertook
  • pioto purify with sacred rites
  • coegidraw, drive, to bring together
  • capioarrest, attack, choose, comprehend, hire, injure, seize, to rent, to take
  • cupiodesire, long for, to, to desire, wish
  • expioto purify
  • pipiopipe, to chirp, tweet
  • rapiocarry away, rob, snatch, steal, to ravish, to seize
  • saepioto hedge in
  • sapioknow, to discern