1. gift
  2. present

Synonyms for charisma

  • beneficiumbenefit, boon, bribe, favor, gift, pious donation, privilege, reward, right, service, wages
  • carismagift, present
  • donumdonation, gift, present, votive offering
  • muneriorpresent, to give
  • munerisduty, function, gift, office, service
  • muneropresent, to give
  • munusduty, function, gift, office, present, service, spectacle, tribute
  • offeroexpose, offer, place before, present, to bring forward
  • ostendodeclare, make plain, present, reveal, sum, to exhibit, to show
  • praestobe outstanding, be responsible for, display, excell, fulfill, offer, perform, present, show, surpass, to answer for, to do, to furnish, to stand before

Similar to charisma

  • chalybsiron, sickel, steel, sword
  • charitasbenevolence, offering
  • charusaffectionate
  • charybdiswhirlpool
  • carismagift, present
  • almaa nourishing one
  • armaarmaments, arms, weapons
  • climaclime, region
  • comahair of the head, leaves, rays of light, stalk
  • famacommon talk, fame, gossip, report, rumor, talk, tradition