1. combat
  2. conflict
  3. contention
  4. contest
  5. engagement
  6. rivalry of any kind

Synonyms for certamen

  • agoncombat, public contest
  • agoniacombat, public contest
  • certatiocontest
  • conflictuscontest, impulse
  • contenderecontend, contest
  • contentiocontest, controversy, straining
  • decertatioa contest, contention
  • fidesassurance, belief, confidence, engagement, faith, lyre, promise, protection, reliance, string, trust, trustworthiness, truth, word of honor
  • jurgiumbrawl, contention, strife, to cause strife
  • litisbattle, contention, dispute, fight, fracas

Similar to certamen

  • certarecontend
  • certatiocontest
  • tamenbut, for all that, however, nevertheless, nothwithstanding, still, yet
  • cernodecide, determine, distinguish, resolve, sift, to perceive, to separate
  • cernuusfaling headlong
  • certatcontends
  • certodispute, fight, settle, to contend, to settle by combat, to struggle
  • certuscertain, decided, definite, determined, resolved, settled, sure, undoubted
  • cervixboldness, neck
  • cervusdeer, stag