1. annual render
  2. census
  3. gifts
  4. property
  5. tax
  6. wealth

Synonyms for census

  • bonablessings as well as material properties, gifts, good qualities
  • dapesfortune, wealth
  • divitiaeriches, wealth
  • divitieriches, wealth
  • facultasability, abundance, capacity, feasibility, means, opportunity, power, resources, stock, store, wealth
  • miseratioa fine, amercement, charge, tax
  • muniagifts, payments, tributes
  • opsassistance, fortune, power to aid, power to help, singular: power, treasure, wealth
  • opulentiamight, opulence, power, riches, splendor, wealth
  • possessiopossession, property

Similar to census

  • censeoargue, assess, censui, censum, estimate, evaluate, suggest
  • censorjudge
  • censurajudgment, opinion
  • centum100, one hundred
  • sushog, pig, swine
  • assusdried, grilled, roasted
  • aususdare, gamble, hazard, risk
  • byssuscotton cloths, linens
  • cassusdeuoid of, empty, hollow, vain, worthless useless
  • casusa falling, accident, chance, downfall, event, fortune, occasion, opportunity, violent death