1. chaste
  2. clean pure
  3. continent
  4. pious

Synonyms for castus

  • continenscontiguous, continent
  • integerchaste, complete, entire, irreproachable, undamaged, unhurt, untouched, whole
  • piadutiful, godly, holy, honest, patriotic, pious
  • piumdutiful, godly, holy, honest, patriotic, pious
  • piusaffectionate, compassionate, dutiful, godly, gracious, holy, honest, kind, pious, respectful, upright
  • pudicuschaste, modest

Similar to castus

  • castigatusneat, orderly, restrained
  • cassesa net, snare, spider's web, trap
  • cassidaa metal helmet
  • cassisa metal helmet
  • cassoannul, destroy, in vain, make void, to bring to naught
  • cassusdeuoid of, empty, hollow, vain, worthless useless
  • castaneaa chestnut or chestnut
  • castechastely, purely, spotlessly, uprightly
  • castellanigarrison of a fortress
  • castellanuscastellan, relating to a fortress