1. according to the canons
  2. canonical
  3. lawful
  4. legal
  5. right

Synonyms for canonicus

  • beneficiumbenefit, boon, bribe, favor, gift, pious donation, privilege, reward, right, service, wages
  • dexteron the right, right
  • fasallowed, destiny, divine law or command, fate, lawful
  • iurisbroth, justice, law, right, soup
  • iusbroth, justice, law, right, soup
  • iustusequitable, fair, just, lawful, proper, right
  • juslaw, right
  • legitiumslawful, legitimate, licit, proper, right
  • rectumdirect, govern, right, to guide, to rule, virtue
  • rectusappropriate, correct, natural, plain, proper, right, straight, upright

Similar to canonicus

  • canonusAugustinian, canon, member of a cathedral chapter or canonry
  • caballussteed
  • cacumenapex, peak
  • cadavercorpse
  • cadodrop, plummet, to fall, topple
  • calamitascalamity, disaster, loss, misfortune
  • calamitosusdisastrous
  • calamusanything made or reed -- pen, arrow, pipe
  • caleobe inflamed, to be warmed
  • caligadarkness, gloom, mist