1. candidly
  2. clearly
  3. openly

Phrases with the word candide

Synonyms for candide

  • apertefrankly, openly
  • evidenterclearly, distinctly, plainly
  • liberefrankly, freely, openly
  • palamin the presence of, openly, publicly
  • planeclearly, plainly
  • videlicetclearly, it is clear, namely, plainly

Similar to candide

  • candidusbright, shining, white
  • cancercrab, disease of cancer, heat of summer, the direction south
  • candelacandle, taper
  • candelabrumlamp
  • candeoglow, grow brilliant, sparkle, to shine
  • cantoto sing
  • madidedrunkenly
  • blandecarefully, softly
  • deindeafterwards, from that place, next, then, thereafter
  • foedefouly, in a filty manner