1. be fruitless
  2. fall
  3. kill
  4. to fell

Phrases with the word caedo

Synonyms for caedo

  • decidodie, fall, fall dead, sink, to fall down
  • interimokill, slaughter, to slay
  • iuguolobutcher, destroy, kill, to cut the throat
  • labesblemish, disgrace, fall, infamy, misfortune, stain
  • lapsuserror, fall, fault, glide, gradual movement, slide, sliding, to slip
  • necarekill
  • necatumkill
  • necavikill
  • necokill, put to death, slay, to kill, to slay
  • occasusdestruction, fall, setting, sunset, the west, west

Similar to caedo

  • caecusblind, sightless
  • caedescarnage
  • caelebscelibate
  • caelestisa god, celestial, dweller in heaven, heavenly, noun
  • caeliheavens, skies, vault of heauen
  • caelitusfrom heaven
  • caelumheaven, sky
  • caeterathat remaining, the rest
  • doconvey, donate, furnish, offer, to give
  • abdoconceal, hide, put away, remove