1. benefit
  2. boon
  3. bribe
  4. favor
  5. gift
  6. pious donation
  7. privilege
  8. reward
  9. right
  10. service
  11. wages

Synonyms for beneficium

  • annuoapprove, consent, designate, favor, give assent to, grant, promise, to allow, to give assent, to nod
  • braviumreward
  • canonicusaccording to the canons, canonical, lawful, legal, right
  • carismagift, present
  • charismagift, present
  • dexteron the right, right
  • donumdonation, gift, present, votive offering
  • famulatusallegiance, an extablishment of slaves, attention, obedience, obeisance, service, servitude, slavery, vassalage
  • gratiaesteem, favor, for the sake of, grace, gratitude, in order to, obligation, thanks, to
  • incumboconcentrate, devote oneself to, favor, further, lean over, overhang, promote, to apply oneself, to depend on, to lie or lean upon

Similar to beneficium

  • beneficentiabenevolence, kindliness, kindness
  • beneficusgenerous, kind, obliging
  • benewell
  • benevolenshelpfull, kindly, thoughtful, well
  • benevolentiabenevolence, good will, kindness
  • officiumduty, job, obligation, office, position, post, responsibility, service
  • beatitasblessedness, felicity, happiness
  • beatusblessed, fortunate, sometimes "saint
  • beluamonster
  • benignegenerously, kindly