1. well

Phrases with the word bene

Synonyms for bene

  • accliviuswell
  • benevolenshelpfull, kindly, thoughtful, well
  • copiosusabundantly provided, plentiful, rich, wealthy, well, well supplied
  • fereabout, almost, generally, nearly, not quite, well
  • formosusbeautiful, finely formed, well
  • generosusaristocratic, of noble birth, well
  • puteuspit, well
  • salushealth, help or assistance, safety, salutation, salvation, well, wellness, wholeness
  • solersadroit, ingenious, ready, skilled, well

Similar to bene

  • beneficentiabenevolence, kindliness, kindness
  • beneficiumbenefit, boon, bribe, favor, gift, pious donation, privilege, reward, right, service, wages
  • beneficusgenerous, kind, obliging
  • benevolenshelpfull, kindly, thoughtful, well
  • benevolentiabenevolence, good will, kindness
  • benignegenerously, kindly
  • beatitasblessedness, felicity, happiness
  • beatusblessed, fortunate, sometimes "saint
  • beluamonster
  • benignitasabundant, bounteous, friendly, generous, kind