1. a signal to march
  2. attack
  3. ce
  4. charge

Synonyms for bellicum

  • aggredioraddress, approach, attack, begin, to go to
  • capioarrest, attack, choose, comprehend, hire, injure, seize, to rent, to take
  • ciminatioaccusation, calumny, charge
  • concursusassembly, charge, meeting
  • corripioattack, snatch up, steal, to seize
  • crimenan accusation, cause of a crime, charge, crim, fault, guilt
  • criminatioaccusation, calumny, charge
  • curaadministration, care, charge, concern, management
  • decursusa running down, attack, charge, completion of a course, downward course, manoeuver
  • erumpoattack, burst forth, discharge, erupt, to break open, to break out, vent

Similar to bellicum

  • bellicosuswarlike
  • bellicusmartial, military, war
  • belligerat war, in a state of war, waging war, warlike
  • belligerobe at war, be in a state of war, to wage war
  • bellatorfighting man, warrior
  • bellatoriusmartial, pugnacious, warlike
  • bellecharmingly, handsomely, prettily
  • belloto wage war
  • bellorto wage war
  • belluaa brute, beast, large animal