1. abyss
  2. pit
  3. the underworld

Synonyms for barathrum

  • abyssusabyss, chasm, hell
  • caveacave, cavity, hollow place, pit
  • caveocave, cavity, give security, hollow place, mortgage, pit
  • cavuma hollow, cavity, depression, excavation, hole, pit
  • cavushole, pit
  • profunduma depth, abyss, chasm, the sea
  • puteuspit, well
  • voragoabyss, chasm, pit

Similar to barathrum

  • baciferberry
  • bacilluma small staff, rod
  • baculumcane, staff, walking stick
  • baculuscane, staff, walking stick
  • baiulohave a responsibility, to carry a burden
  • baiuluscarrier of a burden, pall, porter, steward
  • bajuloto to carry
  • balaenawhale
  • balanusacorn, chestnut, date
  • balatrobuffoon, fool, jester